Time2Die's Quake3 Config's:

Here are my config's. They are split up into 2 different files; the autoexec.cfg which houses all of the visual tweaks and my game preferences and the global.cfg which are all of my binds and team macro's. Thanks go out to about a million different examples but most recently thanks to lunk for the color and category idea for the CTF binds.

Autoexec.cfg (tweaks and preferences)

Global.cfg (movement keys and team binds)

From time to time I just blindly upload my configs to the config's directory. You can browse the directory here:

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*Please backup your q3config.cfg before trying this as it will nuke it with the cvar_restat and the unbindall commands at the beginning of my autoexec.cfg.

Things you want to change in the autoexec.cfg:

Video. I have all of the defaults on basically. Take a look at this section and via the comments you can quickly set the visuals that you like. Much easier than using the q3 control panel. 

Mouse. I wouldn't change the in_mouse or m_filter as even tho it will smooth out your mouse movement in the short run, it will in tight combat situations give you a slight laggy feeling that will cost you. You also need to set cl_mouseAccel to 0 if you don't use mouseaccel and // out the "vstr clmouseaccel11". There's also a spiffy macro to adjust the mouseaccel on the fly for those still getting used to it. Hit the "home" key to check what the mouseaccel is at and use the pageup/pagedown keys to adjust by .1 all the way to 2 and as low as .1. To set the starting point adjust the "vstr cl_mouseaccelXYZ" line where XYZ is where you want the cl_mouseaccel to start at/set at.

Gamma. If you're not in Win2k, you need to kill this section. Some people also don't like the r_mapoverbrightbits set at "3". Change it to 2 for less "stark" visuals.

Networking. Make sure to scroll down and adjust the snaps, rate, and cl_maxpackets.

Demo's. There's a little script here that you just hit the F11 button and it starts a demo. Hit it again to stop it...hit it again to start demo #2...you get the idea. There's 20 demo's setup. The only catch is that when you exit you have to rename them to something as when you restart Q3 it resets the counter and you'll write over your demo's.

Considerations that went into the Global.cfg.

I use the K.I.S.S. method when possible. Keep It Simple Stupid. Only using the macro's that are absolutely necessary as not to saturate the team with needless info. Alerting the team as to where the enemy is incoming or leaving tho has great value.

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As an added bonus (O GOODY!) I have my Quake2 and QW configs down. They are fun to look at to see how the different macro's between the game have evolved.

Quake2 Config's:

global - tweaks/preferences/movement

q2dm - DM macro's

q2ctf - CTF macro's

lmctf - CTF macro's with the lmCTF wav support

autoexec.cfg.tnt - tweaks used with my TNT/TNT2U.

autoexec.cfg.vd2 - tweaks used with my Voodoo2's (SLI!)

QuakeWorld Config's:

qw - tweaks / preferences / movement / dm macro's

TIME2DIE - ctf macro's (3WAVE!)

autoexec.cfg - tweaks for my 3dfx card and other various dealies.

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